Promoting community

Trails act as a meeting place for communities, promoting family, and strengthening friendships and neighbor relations, improving pride in a community with both residents and business owners. Trail projects help build partnerships among local companies, landowners, government, and advocacy groups where residents feel more connected to the community.


Attract tourism, business, enhance property values

Trails attract tourism and spin-off businesses that can reap the rewards of trails and hikers. Property values near trails can increase as seen to be safe places to be active, healthy and community oriented. Hiking and walking trails are affordable forms of recreation. Membership is an excellent way to support and maintain trails.


People of all ages can learn more about nature

Trails present a unique opportunity where all ages can learn more about nature, culture or trail history. They educate users about the
importance of the natural environment and respect for nature.
Enhanced education is achieved through the trail guides and signage to encourage awareness of the trail’s natural, cultural, and
historical attributes.


Improve fitness, mental health and well being.

Walking is a natural movement and can reduce fatigue, elevated blood fats, blood pressure, and stress. It can increase energy, help maintain a healthy weight, improve digestion, and enhance socialization. Brisk walking is an aerobic activity, increasing the body’s demand for oxygen, training heart, lungs, and muscles to work more efficiently.


Active transportation can enhance, protect & restore a natural environment

Active transportation can enhance, protect, restore the natural environment, & walkers gain health and fitness. It can contribute to nat’l and global commitments for pollution prevention, reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Walking can help alleviate negative effects of motorization – traffic congestion, air & noise pollution, environmental destruction.


Connect to our heritage by preserving historic places and providing access.

Trails can give people a sense of place and understanding of the enormity of past events.
Trails and greenways draw the trail user to historic site, and preserve transportation corridors. Historic rail corridors show the
importance of this transportation mode. They provide a window into our history and culture by connecting people to the past.

Thames Valley Trail Association Brochure

Member Feedback

“Nature is my happy place! I joined to discover trails and meet others. I have made life-long friends and now know many trails around London & beyond.”

Mo Michielsen, Retired Educational Assistant

“Grant Hall, my first TVTA Hike Leader, ignited a passion in me for group hiking. The club leaders are a wealth of knowledge. Annual fee well spent.”

Pat Joosten, Retired

“I was a non-hiker, new to London when I joined the TVTA. It deeply enriched my life with fitness, nature and great adventures with lifetime friends.”

Lise Maclean, HR Consultant, Wiser Workplaces