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Oxford County is offering a program to hike the many trails in the county and earn a badge while doing so.  There are three levels of badges available – 50km, 100km and the Warrior badge for hiking all of the trails.  We will attempt to offer hikes for all of the trails and hikers can decide which badge they would like to obtain.  Please refer to the following website to find the Trails Log and learn more about the program.  Hikers will be responsible for keeping track of the hikes they have completed.  For the 50 and 100km badge, hikes can be repeated to obtain the number of kilometres needed.  To earn the Warrior badge, all trails must be hiked.  If hikes are missed, hikers can make them up on their own time.

Our second hike will be a series of six hikes throughout Tillsonburg.  The length of the hikes will vary from 1-5km in length.  Some of the trails will be in and out and others are a loop.  Please wear appropriate hiking shoes/boots and bring a hat, sunscreen, lots of water and a snack/lunch.  These hikes will be at a pace of 4.5-5km/hr.

I will contact participants closer to the date with carpooling information as well as our meeting place.

Future hikes will be grouped together according to where they are located to try to minimize driving.  There are a few long distance hikes but the majority are relatively short.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me.  I look forward to earning another badge with those other badge hunters out there!

Hike Leader:    Heather Zrini.

If you register and then can’t go, please use the Can’t go function