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Note: this hike is only 1 hour.  Postponed from last week. This route is known for its vistas of the river. We will stop often enough to look at the view.

Directions:  This is a less common meeting place. 1511 Shore Rd.  Oxford St. West crosses over the Thames and intersects with Commissioners at the McCormick Home. If travelling on Oxford turn right onto Kain’s Rd. If on Commissioners keep going straight onto Kains. Turn right at the first intersection onto Shore Rd. Park in the area of Shore/ Thamesridge Cresc/Kainswood Terrace. and walk downhill to the park entrance.

We will go at 3.5 km/hr and cover 3 – 4 km. In and out.  There are some possibly muddy slopes so bring boots with good traction and poles.

Gerry Gedcke