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Info:  Pt Pelee National Park in Leamington Ontario is the most Southern tip of mainland Canada.  We will begin with the 1 km loop marsh boardwalk and then walk the beach of Lake Erie approx 10 kms.  We will then move inland and walk to the tip of Canada.  The hike will continue meandering through a cactus field, 19th century cemetery and end at the DeLaurier homestead for up to 24 kms total.   Pack a lunch, snacks, water.  Hike is flat – sand is a bit challenging as we cover about 10 kms.  Ticks may be out as there are some grassy areas we go through.  Poles optional. With drive time, this is a very FULL day!

After the hike, please text me today or tomorrow your interest in dinner after the hike at Bayside Brewing Company at 970 Ross Lane in Erieau and I will make reservations for around 5 pm.

Please note there is a National Park entrance fee – senior (65) $6, Adult $7.  Car load up to 7 people $13.50 so car pooling encouraged!

Meet time: 11:00 am

Pace:  Brisk – 4 to 4.5 kms

Meet location:  Marsh boardwalk parking lot which is located 2.6 kms INSIDE the park (on main road) at 11 am for sign in.

Leader: Marci Kosac 519 694 0021

Always check the calendar before setting off on a hike