Signage & Navigation • What do the different colours of blazes mean?2024-04-29T20:30:25-04:00

Blazes are markers along the trail system to identify the different trails and keep
hikes on the right path, and may be on trees, or posts along the paths. TVTA blazes are
white and yellow blazes are City of London ESA’s (Environmentally significate areas). Side trails are blazed in blue.

What do I do if I walk more than 20m without seeing a blaze?2024-04-26T21:33:23-04:00

It is recommended that hikers consult trail maps or trail apps prior to embarking on a
hike. Carry a map and/or cell phone to assist you with staying on the right path.

Where can I find a guidebook?2024-04-26T21:34:18-04:00

Guidebooks have been depleted and the TVTA is in the process of procuring an
online mapping program. Currently, maps of the complete TVTA trail system are
available on the website for review and printing.

How difficult are the group hikes?2024-04-26T21:34:50-04:00

Hikes vary in difficulty. Important information regarding difficulty, terrain, distance, and
pace can be found in each hike description. This information will help you determine if
that hike is right for you.

Are there designated picnic areas or viewpoints along the TVTA trail?2024-04-26T21:35:24-04:00

Depending on the trail section, there are viewpoints along the Thames River. There
are no TVTA designated picnic areas but may be in the Provincial Parks or
Conservation areas.

Are there any facilities available along the TVTA trails?2024-04-26T21:36:06-04:00

There are no facilities on the trail system other than in Provincial Parks or
Conservation areas, during the summer months.

How can I explore the TVTA trail system?2024-04-26T21:36:54-04:00

You can explore the trail system via non-motorized pedestrian activity (i.e., hiking,
snowshoeing, running). You CANNOT explore the trail system with bicycles, motorized
vehicles (i.e., ATVs/dirt bikes), or horses.

What ecological protection measures are in place along the TVTA trail system?2024-04-29T20:33:13-04:00

Hike leaders and hikers are encouraged to stay on marked trails, and not litter. TVTA
works with landowners & partners to identify areas of concern (e.g. erosion, fallen trees
/ obstructions on the trails) and in cooperation with them, ways to improve / mitigate
them. In some instances, we proactively help to restore / maintain the environment such
as clean-ups, invasive species management, eco hikes. TVTA continues to support and
advocate for the environment, examples being membership to the London
Environmental Network (LEN), attendance at environmental events, educational hikes

**If these methods are allowed with explicit posted permission, how is this information posted?2024-04-26T21:38:20-04:00

As we share some trails with the City of London ESA’s, bicycles may be allowed on
those trails (e.g., Thames Valley Parkway, Fanshawe Conservation Area, Kains

Are the TVTA trails accessible all year round?2024-04-26T21:38:54-04:00

Trails are accessible all year except Christmas Day each year.

Where does my donation go?2024-04-26T21:39:48-04:00

All Board members, hike leaders, and trail maintenance personnel are volunteers.
Membership fees and donations are considered charitable donations for which tax
receipts are issued annually. These revenues are used to offset expenses in
maintaining the association and trails such as insurance, trail maintenance equipment,
training, website, rental, and other miscellaneous supplies and promotions.

Are there first aid stations or emergency response points along the trails?2024-04-26T21:40:22-04:00

Hike leaders carry first aid kits, and any emergency response individuals are
identified at the start of each hike.

Is the trail accessible for wheelchair?2024-04-26T21:40:53-04:00

Most of the trail is not accessible. It is primarily an unpaved foot path, about a meter
wide with uneven surface, rocks, roots, ground hog holes, stiles, and edges of cultivated
crop land.

Is this a public trail?2024-04-26T21:46:54-04:00

Most of the trail crosses private land with the permission of generous landowners.
Respect the privacy of landowners and walk only on the marked trail.  Please read the
Trail User’s Code found under Hike Rules & Codes.

Do I have to be a member to walk on the trail?2024-04-26T21:47:33-04:00

No, anyone can walk on the trails, or join an organized hike with one of our hike
leaders. If you enjoy the trail, we hope you will purchase a membership or make a
donation as the upkeep of the trail involves expenses.

Where can I find a trail access point?2024-04-26T21:49:05-04:00

Trail access points are shown on the maps on the website and in the Guidebook.
Parking areas near trail access points are noted on maps.

Can I take my dog on the trail?2024-04-29T20:34:07-04:00

Dogs on leash are allowed on the trails unless otherwise specifically posted. There
are some TVTA hike leaders who offer dog-friendly group hikes. It will be noted in the
hike description if they are welcome, otherwise dogs are not permitted on group hikes.

Can I forage along the trail?2024-04-26T21:50:54-04:00

No. The Trail User’s Code states the hiker refrains from picking mushrooms, wild
leeks, and other edibles from along the trail. Please respect that you are on private
property; these edibles do not belong to you.

Are there poisonous plants?2024-04-26T21:51:41-04:00

Yes. Though not prevalent, poison ivy, giant hogweed, cow’s parsnip, and stinging
nettles are found in some locales. Stay on the trail, and keep feet and legs covered.

Are there ticks along the trail?2024-04-26T21:52:29-04:00

Ticks have been reported in SW Ontario. Keep legs and feet covered. Check for ticks
after walking the trail, particularly if walking through long grass.

Can I camp along the trail?2024-04-26T21:53:26-04:00

Camping is not permitted along the trail.

Can I get a badge for hiking the TVTA Trail from one end to the other?2024-04-26T21:54:03-04:00

End to end badges are available to those completing the trail system. A hike log must
be maintained and submitted. Contact the Activities Director at hike-activities@tvta.ca
for details.

What opportunities are there to volunteer with the trail?2024-04-26T21:54:40-04:00

There are very satisfying opportunities to volunteer depending on a person’s
interests, experience and abilities such as those listed below. Contact info@tvta.ca for
further inquiries and interest.
Board of Directors
Hike leaders
Trail maintenance
Promotional events

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