Meet Our Dedicated Leadership Team

After moving to London, I sought out hiking opportunities and found the TVTA. My volunteering gene led me to apply for the
Membership Director’s position and I enjoy the tasks that make this association work. When the VP position became vacant, I put my name forward to ensure that all positions on the board were filled. I was then asked to take on the Chair position in 2024 and I welcome the opportunity.
IAN BAILEYPast President (Chair)
I enjoy the challenges and comradery with trail captains and this is a way to give back to those who have provided these wonderful trails. We have an incredible team of volunteers in various roles in the TVTA and we are privileged to have strong support from landowners, who allow our trail to pass through their land.
Western Ivey Business School grad. Hiked the Grand Canyon with a wilderness hike leader and was hooked on hiking.
I love the outdoors, fellowship, training for hikes, maintaining physical fitness in retirement.
Was asked to take Treasurer’s role and agreed in order to help and give back, and a great way to meet new hikers.
JANINE GRAYActivities Director
I started hiking to offset my sedate work lifestyle, joined an Open hike that was so welcoming that I signed up.
I love being in the forest & near water. Having new hiking friends has led to even greater hiking adventures.
I joined the board to give back to TVTA as its members have added value to my life, and I am grateful.
CHRISTINE LANGLOISPublications Director
As a retired writer/editor, it made sense to volunteer to edit the publications as a board member. I enjoy hiking but got hooked after
we moved to London, joined the TVTA, and started to take part in its activities. Will do our first end to end this fall. Enjoy being
outside, staying active, and being with other hikers.
TILMAN JOOSTENTrail Development Director
-began hiking and backpacking when I met my wife Pat
-joined the club in ’08
-joined the board in ’09 as Trail Development Director
-worked with members on numerous bridges, boardwalks and staircases (including other clubs)
-looking forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2023
IAN BAILEYTrail Maintenance Director
Being from Devon, England, I gained a passion for the outdoors and hiking which has physical and mental benefits.
I joined TVTA with an interest in the trails and became a Trail Captain due to my related experience. As a Director, and part of the
team, the goal is safety and maintaining environmentally responsible trails.
NANCY STEPHENSSocial Media Director
I have been a member of the TVTA for about 8 years and have made many great friends and been on many wonderful adventures with its members. I became aware of the need for a Social Media Director and with my love of photography, and enjoyment of a couple social media platforms I felt this was a good way for me to give back to the organization.
PEGGY ANNE ENDEANMembership Director
After moving to London, I sought out hiking opportunities and found the TVTA. My volunteering gene led me to apply for the Membership Director’s position and I enjoy the tasks that make this association work. After also serving as VP for 2 years, I was recently elected as Chair of the association and welcome the dual role challenge as Chair and Membership Director.
SEAN HADDOWDirector at Large
Always enjoyed being in nature and my wife and I found our way to the TVTA. I became a hike leader 8 years ago and have been
coordinator of Saturday Morning Walk program for 5 years. Enjoy leading meditation hikes started 7 years ago. Decided it was time
to step up to assist the association further by joining the board.
SHERRY HONGDirector at Large
First got involved in hiking when I convinced Sean Haddow to join a Saturday morning hike at Springbank Park on a cold winter
morning. All were so welcoming and have since continued hiking. It is now important in my life, seeing new areas and meeting new
people. Being on the Board has been a great learning experience.
FRED MARTINDirector at Large
Recently retired from 3M London.
Been hiking since a child, and love to be outdoors in all seasons, and in most weather conditions.
I joined the Board after retiring.
JOEY LAWSONDirector at Large
I started hiking to relax and re-centre when completing my Nursing degree, and I have been hooked ever since. Hiking continues to be a way for me to reconnect with nature and explore a different side of London and decompress after long shifts. I joined the TVTA during 2020 as a way to connect with other like-minded individuals and learn more about hiking in the Thames Valley, and I joined the board to give back to the association and the community.
KRISTIN RITCHIEDirector at Large
I’m am an Aussie and have lived in London for over 30 years. After arriving in Canada worked at LHSC for 28 years. After retiring
hiking was a natural fit for me, a great way to meet people and get some exercise. I joined the TVTA board as a way to be involved.