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Get Out and Enjoy the Warm Weather! (But watch for ticks!)

The warm weather is finally upon us! That means more time outside, hopefully more time to be outside, and the lush, beautiful foliage all along the Thames Valley Trail.  But where there is foliage, especially tall grasses, the season also means we must watch for ticks!


The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation's website has loads of information about ticks, lyme disease prevention, and diagnosis.  For example, did you know it's a myth that lyme disease always presents with a rash?  


According to the Foundation, here are 5 Tick Habitat Precautions:

  1. Wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Tuck your pants into your socks to prevent ticks from getting inside your pants.

  2. Check your clothes for ticks often. Ticks will climb upwards until they find an area of exposed skin.

  3. Wear light coloured clothing to make it easier to spot ticks.

  4. Walk on pathways or trails when possible staying in the middle. Avoid low-lying brush or long grass.

  5. Apply insect repellent to your skin and clothing, especially at the openings such as ankle, wrist and neck.

Check out the website for more information (click the green text above!).  You can even order a Tick Removal Kit, just in case.​

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Be a Hike Leader!

It’s often been said that enjoying a hike is increased by the presence of a leader. Not just someone who knows the way, but someone who applies safety, best practices, fun, local knowledge and the ability to work with his or her group to make a successful outing.

Certified Hike Leader (CHL) is Hike Ontario's certificate course for day hiking that is used by community colleges, universities, hiking clubs and outdoor training organizations. Participants will learn skills to be a confident hike leaders that ensure a safe, environmentally responsible and enjoyable hike for all participants. The certification issued to successful participants is a sanctioned standard and will assist candidates in leading club hikes in addition to finding employment and volunteer opportunities.


The Safe Hiker Course is the prerequisite for the Certified Hike Leader Course unless exempted by demonstrated previous experience (a minimum of 5 day hikes within the last year and a reference/recommendation from a recognized authority). Verification of prerequisite is required prior to the course date.

Current First Aid and CPR are recommended.

Register at: 

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Members Only - Columbia Winter Clearance Sale Event!

Being a TVTA Member sometimes (often!) has its perks!


From Friday, February 26th until Sunday, March 6th, Columbia stores will be having a special promotion eligible to our membership!  Log in to the Member's Section of the site and scroll to just below the Welcome Message for a link to details and the coupon!


Happy Hiking!

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Upcoming Events with MEC

MEC London organizes a variety of events and courses 

throughout the year that may be of interest to us outdoorsy folk. Alethia Hazaras, Outreach and Learning Coordinator at MEC, has been kind enough to share a schedule of those events.


RACE SERIES 2016 |  $15.00 online registration 

day of registration varies depending on course length

  • MARCH 12 - MEC London Race ONE - 5k/10k/15k Road, Springbank Park
  • APRIL 16 - MEC London Race  TWO - 5k/10k/15k Road, 6k/12k Trail, Stoney Brook Area
  • MAY 28 - MEC London Race THREE - 5k/10k/Half & Full Marathon Road, Pottersburg Park, $20 for HM - $25 for FULL
  • JULY 10 - MEC Century Ride – 60k/100k/160k, Toboggan Brewery
  • SEPTEMBER 10 - MEC London Race FOUR - 5k/10k/15k Road, 6k/12k/Half Marathon Trail, Fanshawe Conservation Area - $20 for HM
  • OCTOBER  22 - MEC London Race FIVE - 5k/10k/15k Road, 5k/10k Trail, Gibbons Park


BACKCOUNTRY 101 SPRING SCHEDULE | Saturdays 11am-12pm

  • Saturday Feb 20th – Dressing for cold weather
  • Saturday Feb 27th – Snowshoe 101
  • Saturday March 5th – Backcountry Navigation
  • Saturday March 19th – Hiking & How to Pack a Pack
  • Saturday  March 26th – Know the Stove
  • Saturday  April 2nd – Succeeding at the Camino
  • Saturday  April 9th – Intro to Digital Navigation
  • Saturday  April 23rd – Overnight Canoe Trip
  • Saturday  April 30th – Hiking & How to Pack a Pack
  • Saturday  May 7th – Learn to Camp (Car Camping)
  • Saturday  May 14th – Know the Stove
  • Saturday  May 21st – Intro to Digital Navigation
  • Saturday  June 4th – Succeeding at the Camino
  • Saturday  June 11th – Hiking & How to Pack a Pack
  • Saturday  June 18th – Learn to Camp (Car Camping)
  • Saturday  June 25th – Overnight Canoe Trip


BIKE MAINTENANCE 101 SCHEDULE | $10.00 Thurs 7-8pm  &  Sat 10-11am
BIKE MAINTENANCE 201 SCHEDULE | $20.00 Saturdays 11am-12pm


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Welcome to the Thames Valley Trail Association's new Website!

Ready to lace up your hiking boots and explore local trails? The Thames Valley Trail Association (TVTA) is making it easier for you and your family.


For those that crave fresh air and nature, there’s nothing like hitting the trails. While hiking and computers seem like they are unrelated, the internet can easily

 connect us to get in touch with nature. It all begins with the click of a button or tap of your screen to check out Thames Valley Trail Association’s new website –


Plug in to get out

As a volunteer-led charitable organization, the TVTA is fortunate to have a strong and growing membership. As membership increases, so does the need to better serve members’ needs including access to news and schedules for a variety of activities, hiking resources, convenient membership renewal, and more. This site also enables sharing through social media and a blog, offering a fully mobile responsive experience for those using a smart phone or tablet device.


Since the TVTA offers new and seasoned hikers or walkers over 300 activities every year, this enhanced website has been a much anticipated and needed resource. This empowers the association to keep supporting the development of, and encouraging use of walking trails within the Thames River Valley area.


We can all see the hard work and dedication that volunteers and partners have put into planning and constructing this website. Thank you to those who have helped build and launch the site. Check out the schedule of activities, learn about the trail, submit your photos or summary of a hike experience, and get involved – come hike and walk with us!


We’ll see you out on the trail.


 -- Danielle Bruce, Volunteer

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