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Technology Consultant


Web Site Manager


Comings and Goings Editor


Hike Ontario Representative


Saturday Morning Walk Co-ordinator


Guidebook Sales


Rambler Co-ordinator


Ambassador/Communication Officer


Membership Assistant





South Trail Maintenance Report


North Trail Maintenance Report


Trail Captains


Trail Maintenance  Workers


Trekker Proof Readers



First Aid Co-ordinator


Facebook  Co-orodinators




Jeff Plank


Sue Clifford


Mike Robertson


Ian Bailey


Sean Haddow


 Judy Kwasnica




 Ghazala Rehman


Barb Kaiser


Madeline MacLeod

 Linda Sloan


 Dave Potten


 Alan Day


 See "Our Trails" for list


  See "Our Trails" for list


 Peggy Stewart

 Carolyn Stratton


 Brenda Scholten


Debbie Crandell,

Sean Haddow

Danielle Bruce



Technology Consultant


The Technology Consultant will be responsible for assisting fellow directors with the technical issues that other Directors encounter.   Specific duties include

  1. Provide  the MD with training on TVTA ‘s membership systems (Membee)
  2. Provide Technical support to the Membership Director and Website Manager about non-routine issues related to Membee
  3. Provide technical support regarding MailChimp and SurveyMonkey
  4. Assist with the set -up of the E-Store and provide technical assistance to the person operating the E-Store
  5. Advise the Board on issues of technology, ie social media platforms,  adherence to Canada’s anti-spam laws, online privacy and security issues, etc

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Web Site Manager Job Description

Updated: 2013

  1. Act as a technology resource and facilitator.
  2. Provides assistance when needed by the board members who have admin access.
  3. Encourages and facilitates site updated by members of the TVTA approved by the board.
  4. Liaises with the membership director, Trekker editor, treasurer and guide book sales coordinator.
  5. Board membership is optional but may be required to attend board meetings as per board’s request.
  6. Provide a yearend report at the AGM which includes statistics such as number of online payments, online accounts, site visitors, Twitter and Facebook followers.


The following is a list of information that must be tracked and handed over to the next person who fills the position. In the absence of a successor the information must be handed over to the president and secretary.


1. Domain Registration 

Recovery e-mail:
Successor reviews contact details on registrar site and update as required.

Hosting Service Provider

Incumbent contacts sales and support to update contact information.


3. Hosting Administration

                      a. Login:
                      b. Password:
Recovery e-mail:
Successor reviews contact details and updates as required.

4. Twitter!/TVTA_London_Ont

                    a. Login:
                    b. Password:
Recovery e-mail:
Successor reviews contact details and updates as required. 

5. Facebook  

                  a.  Login:

                  b.  Password:

6. Blog

                  a.   Login:

                  b:   Password  

     7.  PayPal  


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TVTA Hike Ontario Representative Job Description

Reviewed October 2015


    1. Attend 4 meetings per year in Erin, Ont
    2. Prepare reports for each meeting about TVTA membership, achievements and concerns
    3. Convey information from Hike Ontario to TVTA board i.e. insurance requirements, risk management policy
    4. Communicate information, queries, concerns to Hike Ontario from TVTA board
    5. Submit photos for annual Hike Ontario Summit AGM in fall.


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Saturday Morning Walk Co-ordinator Job Description

Updated April 2016

  1. Working with three SMW team members, prepare schedule for walks:
    - Winter/Spring program in November
    - Summer/Fall program in May
  2. Create brochure using WORD and arrange for printing.
  3. Deliver brochures for distribution to:
    - Main Library (allocated to multiple branches through their inter-library system)
    - Tourism London Information Centres (Downtown and Wellington Road)
    - Mountain Equipment Co-Operative store on Wellington Road
    - TVTA Public Relations Director

    - SMW team members
  4. Email a PDF copy of brochure to:
    - Webmaster
    - President
    - Activity Director
    - Public Relations Director
  5. Email copy of brochure to London Free Press and Londoner to advertise walks in their publications.
  6. In March and September, submit SMW notice for Spectrum publication.
  7. Input SMW schedule for calendar on TVTA website; deadline noted in Trekker.
  8. Maintain participant statistics in excel spreadsheet and submit waiver sheets to Activity Director.
  9. Prepare and present SMW report for TVTA Annual General Meeting.
  10. Maintain SMW history files.


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Guidebook Sales Job Description

        Updated: July 2015

        TVTA Guidebook Sales Procedure

     1. Maintain a spreadsheet with inventory & sales information.
     2. Mail guidebooks in response to PayPal purchases or phone/website guidebook inquiries.
     3. Deliver guidebooks when requested by local book sellers.
     4. Prepare invoice & give duplicate copy to Treasurer. Retailer will send a cheque to TVTA within 60 days.
     5. Prepare an annual report for November AGM.
     6. Write a small sales pitch 1/year for TVTA Trekker.
     7. Liaise with Webmaster to keep TVTA website guidebook information up to date.
     8. Consult with Webmaster & Board re: development of online guidebook & hike maps.
     9. Seek out new outlets for guidebook sales.
   10. Maintain good relations with current book sellers.
          Featherfield’s,  Mandala Books, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Oxford Book Shop, Tourism London (downtown),

         River Valley Golf  &  Tube Slide,   St. Mary’s, Tourism Stratford.
    11. Keep a copy available for sale on hikes if possible.


    Guidebook Retail Outlets

     A Guide to Hiking the Thames Valley Trail can be purchased at the following locations:

  • Stratford Tourism, 47 Downie Street, Stratford, Ontario N5A 1W7
  • River Valley Golf & Tube Slide, Hwy 7 & Perth S Line 1, St. Mary’s, Ontario N4X 1C6
  • Tourism London, 260 Wellington St. at Dundas, London, Ontario N6B 2L5
  • Oxford Book Shop, 262 Piccadilly St., London, Ontario N6A 1S6
  • MEC, 1230 Wellington Rd #111, London, ON N6E 1M3
  • Featherfields, 1570 Hyde Park Road Unit #5, London, ON, N6H 5L5 (519) 474-1165
  • Mandala Book Shop, 190 Central Ave., London, ON, N6A 1M7 (519) 432-9488
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Rambler Co-ordinator Job Description

  1. Plan and schedule 1.5 - 2 hr easy-to-medium difficulty hikes every Tuesday and Thursday morning throughout the year. The hikes leave at 9:15 am September through May and at 8:30 am in June, July and August. Participants should arrive at least 10 minutes early to sign the TVTA Waiver sheet.
  2. Attempt to balance hike locations in various parts of the city and surrounding area introducing as much variety as possible.
  3. Take into consideration that the average number of participants at Rambler hikes is 35 (ranging from 15 to 55) so provision needs to be made for adequate parking at the meeting locations.
  4. Obtain permission to park or hike on private or commercial property if applicable.
  5. Recruit leaders for the Rambler hikes and lead a substantial number of the hikes yourself.
  6. Submit a generic Rambler hike description for publication in the Trekker indicating meeting times and contact details. Post specific information about Rambler hikes in the Members Only section of the TVTA website at least one week ahead. Have leaders announce the two Rambler hikes following theirs. Record the upcoming Rambler hike and meeting location on the contact phone message.
  7. Maintain a list and details of potential Rambler hikes. Try to incorporate new routes or modifications to existing ones. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of particular hikes in an effort to improve future offerings.
  8. Keep a list of Rambler hike leaders along with the hikes that they prefer to lead.
  9. Encourage qualified and interested Ramblers to take a Hike Ontario Leader certification course.
  10. Maintain a Rambler emergency email list to be used in case of hike cancellations or unexpected changes in hike details. Send out emergency emails no later than 7:30 am on the day of the hike. Also make appropriate changes in the hike details posted on the TVTA website.
  11. Obtain copies of the completed TVTA Waiver sheets after each hike to compile participation statistics. Turn in these Waiver sheets to the Activities Director at the end of the year.
  12. Prepare a brief report of Rambler activity (including participation statistics) for the TVTA AGM each year.
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Ambassador/Communication Officer Job Description

     1. Calls new members to welcome them into the club.
     2. Asks if they had any difficulties accessing the website.
     3. Forwards to the appropriate person any questions she receives from individuals or gives the contact information to the individual.

     4. Contact members who have not registered an e-mail address in their information to see if their profile needs to be updated.


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  1. TVTA Archives are the collection and storage of information re the history of the Thames Valley Trail Association. 
  2. At present this consists of paper storage at the London Room at the London Central Library.   All Newsletters, Annual Reports, Minutes of Meetings up to 2005, the History of the start-up of TVTA, some financial reports, pamphlets and guidebooks and their updates, Trail Development and other items of interest related to past events are now available. 
  3. The archives will be indexed with a brief description of each item.  This index will be available in the respective storage boxes and at this site when all sorting is complete. 
  4. Although the cataloguing is not yet complete, anyone may peruse these items at their leisure, but are reminded that nothing in the London Room may be removed from the premises.  This is very important since only one copy of each item will be kept at the library.
  5. There is concern about how to store information that is now only available on the internet, such as minutes of recent board meetings, so that in another 40 to 50 years they may be retrieved as has been done re the past 45 years of the Thames Valley Trail Association via paper.  Suggestions are welcome.
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  North and South Trail Maintenance Co-ordinators

  1. In 2015, the board position of a Trail Maintenance Director went unfilled.  As a stop gap ,And hopefully temporary measure,  this job was changed into a non-board position.  The trail was divided in half and two positions were formed, a North Trail Maintenance Director and South Trail Maintenance Director.  The two directors should work in harmony, communicate changes in their operations, and agree on a consistent set of trail maintenance practises.

   At the Beginning of term

  1. Recruit TM volunteers, trail captains, trail blazers and chainsaw volunteers for each of the maintained sections of the trail.
  2. Update their e-mail address and contact information
  3. Arrange for storage of the TM equipment.

   Trail Maintenance Volunteer Recruitment

  1. Receive names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of new TM volunteers from the membership director.
  2. Contact new members and identify when and how they might be able to help with trail maintenance.
  3. Organize a spring pot luck to get feedback from all the volunteers and initiate plans for the upcoming year.

    Trail Maintenance Guidelines

     1.  No evening trail maintenance in September; it gets dark too soon.
     2.  Remember personal holidays, long weekends, etc when scheduling TM days.
     3.  Communicate the need for safe operations.  Volunteers need training, certification or many years of practical experience

          before using potentially harmful equipment such as chain saws and brush cutters.



          Submit a TM report for the Annual General Meeting. 

          Thank people, generate enthusiasm, review what has been done, new plans, etc.


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    Trail Captains

          See list of Trail Captains under "Our trails - Trail Information"

  1. Prepare and issue Spring and fall reports annually to the Trail Captains
  2. Review the reports and forward requests for blazing and chainsaw work to team leaders.
  3. Prioritise and schedule the work requested. 
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   Trail Maintenance Leaders

          See list fo Trail Maintenance Leaders under "Our Trails - Trail Information"

  1. Arrange for regular TM outings to maintain the trail.
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Trekker Assistant

  1. Take the hikes that are posted on the TVTA website  and render put them into a format that allows them to be put into the Trekker. 
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Trekker Proof Readers

  1. Several days before the Trekker goes to the printer, receive the Trekker by email from the Trekker Editor. 
  2.  Email the Trekker Editor back with needed and or suggested changes.  
  3. Proof read it thoroughly by reading every line and looking for –

             o  Spelling errors that need correcting

             o Omissions are that need to be inserted. 

             o Mistaken information that needs to be changed, if known.

             o Punctuation that needs to be added or changed if necessary.

             o Re-arrange wording if doing so would improve the flow of information.

             o Makes suggestions for alternatives to awkward sentences.


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First Aid Co-ordinator

  1. Keep a list of members who have taken the Red Cross training through our organization.
  2. Once a year, offer the training free of charge to members.
  3. Announce the training course via the Trekker and TVTA website,  and by announcing it at Ramblers’ hikes.
  4. If there are more than  5 requests from members for training,  keep a waiting list for the following year.  Currently  TVTA will pay for 5 members to be trained each year. 
  5. Put a a report in the fall Trekker identifying  who has taken the course during that year.
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Social Media Coordinator


       1. The online content coordinator volunteer works with the Board to coordinate and implement a content strategy for the TVTA

            blog and social media that meets publishing guidelines for the organization in order to achieve community awareness of the

            Thames Valley Trail Association and the trail.


        2. The position involves optimizing social media profiles, coordinating online publishing, social media activities and responses

             for Facebook and Twitter, and posting on social media sites a few times weekly. The content coordinator also facilitates

             training and education to help the board and association members to actively participate in social media for the TVTA.